what is the melting temperature of plastic cutting boards

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See last week’s Gear column for a look at the best plastic cutting boards.. W hen it comes to cutting boards, there’s no better surface to use than wood. The subtle bite of the blade as it hits the grain, the beauty of the wood as it ages, and the mellow resonance of the chops can be some of the most appealing aspects of preparing food. 【Get Price】

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Richlite can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees and will not warp or melt when it comes into contact with hot surfaces. Because of these properties, the material is ideal for grill cutting boards. 【Get Price】

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"The best-case scenario is buy some plastic cutting boards that you can wash with some bleach. Just a little bit of bleach and some water, and keep them separate. 【Get Price】

Is there any way to keep plastic cutting boards from warping?

The typical plastic cutting board is high density polyethelene, with a melting point of about 266 to 285 degrees F, so if anything approaching that temperature is in the environment of the cutting board it could allow the molecules to move. 【Get Price】

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I got the temperature wrong and tried doing this in a homemade double boiler filled with water (to regulate the temperature to water's boiling point), which, of course, just made hot plastic bags. After the double-boiler mistake I re-read the LDPE melt-point and discovered my folly! 【Get Price】

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The melted cutting boards peeled right off from the nonstick muffin tin – but what to do about the parts that had dripped onto the oven rack and onto the bottom? I removed the rack and scraped the plastic bits off. 【Get Price】

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Best Answer: Heat your oven back up to make the plastic pliable. Get some good gloves and a large putty knife and scrape the plastic off. Try the lowest temperature 1st and increase the temperature as necessary to melt the plastic. If you get lucky the bottom of the plastic will melt and the top will stay 【Get Price】