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Building a deck over a waterproof membrane. Posted on: 3rd Nov, 2015. Find out more about the different options available for installing a floating deck or tiles over a waterproof membrane. 【Get Price】

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As the existing roof surface deck will normally slope for drainage, with interlocking deck tiles, your new deck will also slope in the same direction. And in most cases, you can lay the tiles directly over any drainage holes in the rooftop area. 【Get Price】

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Decking Over a Roof EPDM membrane surface. Use the big washers. Screws and 3-in.-dia. sheet-metal tiMe to DeCk installing the decking is straightforward. tapered sleepers ripped from 2x material ensure a level walking surface. glue and nails secure the decking. 【Get Price】

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Microsoft's new plan is to launch Surface Hub 2 in two phases, with the new conferencing system hardware coming in Q2 2019 and the new system software for it in 2020. How to install, reinstall 【Get Price】

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Cleary recommends installing a square or honeycomb-shaped plastic grid on the ground and filling it with different types of stone materials, and then getting it mechanically compacted. 【Get Price】

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, A static height pedestal, such as the Nuralite Nurapad, is designed to support a timber joist which follows the fall of the membrane deck or is ripped to the fall of the membrane deck creating a level trafficable surface Joists are placed mm apart with the pedestal supporting the joist over the membrane. 【Get Price】

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Membranes Underneath its smooth concrete surface, the tunnel has three layers: a drainage layer, a waterproofing layer, and an inner shell. Seen here, a section of the tunnel has different layers 【Get Price】

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The Surface Pro is a lot different from last year's Windows RT version of the Surface, despite similar branding and looks. The Surface RT had a Tegra 3 processor, less RAM, and a lower-resolution 【Get Price】

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An easy-to-install, weatherproof surface that you can walk on. And the detailing of the sub-surface is not much different from that for an EPDM membrane or other flat roofing material. a layer of 1.5-ounce chopped fiberglass mat was spread out over the deck surface. Note how the mat extends up the parapet walls, to create a pan. 【Get Price】