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Embankment definition, a bank, mound, dike, or the like, raised to hold back water, carry a roadway, etc. See more. 【Get Price】

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A camera in the dashboard of the police cruiser that rammed Victor Harris's black Cadillac captured the sickening moment when Harris lost control and veered off the road and down an embankment. 【Get Price】

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Definition of embankment - a wall or bank of earth or stone built to prevent a river flooding an area 【Get Price】

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Define embankment. embankment synonyms, embankment pronunciation, embankment translation, English dictionary definition of embankment. n. 1. The act of embanking. 2. A mound of earth or stone built to hold back water or to support a roadway. n a man-made ridge of earth or stone that carries 【Get Price】

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An embankment is a thick wall of earth that is built to carry a road or railroad track over an area of low ground, or to prevent water from a river or the sea from flooding the area. 【Get Price】

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Embankment definition is - a raised structure (as of earth or gravel) used especially to hold back water or to carry a roadway. How to use embankment in a sentence. a raised structure (as of earth or gravel) used especially to hold back water or to carry a roadway; the action of embanking… 【Get Price】