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The industrial wall lights and ceiling fans seem to be the best choices to light an area. Yeah. I tried the high tech lights once, then went back to the industrials. 【Get Price】

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In every instance of the game except for one, you can use explosives or glide through a breakable wall. In one instance in the wonderland city area there is a weak breakable ceiling preventing you from getting a trophy, the only way i could find to break the wall was to glide low over the water and then use the grapnel boost to fling myself up through it. 【Get Price】

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If it's on the ceiling it can't be the one first described above that closes it's cage when you enter the room, because that one is on a wall. Instead of a breakable wall I think you mean breakable ceiliing below the trophy, which is on another celiing above the breakable one. 【Get Price】

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I'm trying to rebuild sanctuary like the subdivision it used to be. Patch up all walls and ceilings in the remaining houses (using the modpos "xyz" commands). 【Get Price】

? Using Gypsum Board for Walls and Ceilings Section I

Regular gypsum board (gypsum wallboard) is used as a surface layer on walls and ceilings. Sag-resistant board is a ceiling panel that offers greater resistance to sagging than regular gypsum products used for ceilings where framing is typically spaced 24 inches o.c. 【Get Price】

Interior Ceiling Gypsum Board Products American Gypsum

American Gypsum’s 1/2’’ Interior Ceiling Board is designed for use in wall and ceiling applications spaced no more than 24’’ o/c, and approved to be applied parallel or perpendicular to ceiling framing spaced up to 24’’ o/c, even when a hand applied or water-based texture is used for decoration. 【Get Price】