is it better to use 2x8 or 2x6 for side retaining wall

Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Iron

Use "Destroy Walls" on the wall sections next to the Boulder traps. Place an Imp(1) on the empty tile to trigger the Boulder. If you do this correctly, you can even kill a lot of his most powerful creatures. 【Get Price】

Best exterior wall design within standard 2x8 dimensions

I tend to side with Nate G and Dana Dorsett -- if you can convince your builder to go for a 2x4 wall with exterior rigid foam, you'll get better performance than using 2x8 plates. If you are forced to use 2x8 plates, then I agree with Malcolm -- offset two rows of 2x4s to interrupt thermal bridging. 【Get Price】

Building a retaining wall with pressure treated lumber

I'm planning on building a 20' to 23" retaining wall using green pressure treated wood. I've seen other designs but wondered if there were any concerns with my design. My plan is to put 4x4's into the ground about 18-24" deep on 4 foot centers. 【Get Price】

Wood Retaining Wall Help - Building & Construction - DIY

I have decided to build a retaining wall using pressure treated wood. The original plan was to build three walls and have 2 separate levels. Now after building one wall (30") I want to just go higher and build 1 more wall a little taller vs 2. 【Get Price】

2x4's vs 2x6's? - Forum - Bob Vila

First, if one uses 2x6s one not only increases the cost to insulate, one also increases the cost in windows and doors sicne jambs must be ordered or constructed to fit a 2x6 rather than a 2x4 wall. 【Get Price】

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Creator

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues Creator Guide Nintendo Wii (but info should apply to PS3 and 360 versions also) Authored by brent6980 Version 1.11 Purpose: The purpose of this guide is to provide a quicker reference (as opposed to waiting for load times) of what is contained in each theme in the Level Builder of LEGO Indiana Jones 2, while providing info on how each object is used. 【Get Price】