how to figure linear feet of drywall

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Perfect for linear cuts such as baseboard molding, crown molding, pipe, lumber AND area cuts such as plywood or drywall. Cut Calculator will plan your cuts to save you money!Cut Calculator is a 【Get Price】

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This gives you the linear feet of drywall tape needed. Tape usually comes in 250 feet rolls or 500 feet rolls. Divide the linear feet by the tape length and you’ll get the number of rolls needed. 【Get Price】

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Easily calculate linear, square & cubic measurements in English (Yards, Feet, Inches, Inch Fractions [up to x/128]) & Metric (Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters), and convert easily between the two 【Get Price】

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Estimating standard drywall material and labor: To find the square footage for drywall board you can measure lineal feet of all the walls to have standard drywall installed and times it by the wall height . 【Get Price】

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There is the ability to flawlessly render people, cats, dogs, guns, flowers, vases, water, drywall, etc…realistically on a two-dimensional surface (your flat television) that creates the illusion of three-dimensions. 【Get Price】

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The result will be the total amount of linear feet for the project. Most rolls of tape contain 500 feet, so divide your total by 500 to determine how much tape you will need. Once that you know how many rolls of drywall tape is required, multiply by the cost per roll. 【Get Price】

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Drywall Material Calculator Calculate drywall or sheetrock panels, screws, joint compound, and tape needed for your project by entering your room’s dimensions. Optionally include the ceiling if you’re drywalling that as well. 【Get Price】

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Drywall Calculator & Estimator. Drywall Material Calculator. To calculate the amount of drywall you'll need, enter your specs in the calculator below. This is the distance around the room, in feet. Measure the width of each wall and then add all totals together. Enter your room perimeter into the sheetrock calc above. 【Get Price】

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Tips on Measuring for Drywall. Before you begin, take the room measurements in the list below round to the nearest foot. If you have sloping walls, follow the special case instructions on how to determine this square footage. 【Get Price】