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English Learners Definition of composite (Entry 2 of 2): something that is made up of different parts: a drawing of someone who is wanted by the police that is made using descriptions given by witnesses. See the full definition for composite in the English Learners Dictionary. 【Get Price】

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Composite limiting height data can be applied to walls where gypsum board is installed on both flanges of the stud for the full height of the wall. Non-composite conditions are common in all structures. 【Get Price】

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? 2High-definition panels with up to 500 cd/m brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio enable superior images sure to capture customer attention Corporate Applications 【Get Price】

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Five tips for a better HDTV picture. If you're using the yellow composite cable for anything, are standard definition only, so if you're using a composite cable for these, that's OK. 【Get Price】

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Rocketry. (of a rocket or missile) having more than one stage. (of a solid propellant) made up of a mixture of fuel and oxidizer. Nautical. noting a vessel having frames of one material and shells and decking of another, especially one having iron or steel frames with shells and decks planked. 【Get Price】

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definition panels across a variety of product sizes design and enhanced video wall capabilities DISPLAYPORT HDMI IN DVI-D IN DVI-D OUT VGA D-SUB IN BNC COMPOSITE LAN PORT RS-232 IN/OUT IN MODEL X401S X462S X552S QUICK SPECS LCD MODULE Panel Technology SPVA (P-DID) 【Get Price】

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Composite is a rumored experiment by the unknown "man behind the curtain" on Earth's Moon among the Inhuman slaves. Composite has the abilities of all the original Inhuman Royal Family including 【Get Price】

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structural composite wall system, with 4 inches of reinforced concrete interior and exterior faces and composite connectors sandwiching 4 inches of XPS insulation. PRICE IS RIGHT The physical system considered is a composite wall filled with PCM placed between the roof top slab and the bottom concrete slab, which form the roof of the PCM room. 【Get Price】

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What is composite wall? definition and meaning. Definition of composite wall: A wall composed of multiple vertical layers of masonry, each one unit thick, in which one layer is different from the others in type or 【Get Price】