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The 5,205-square-foot house is located on a cul-de-sac with three porches, a deck and a patio. It has hardwood flooring, a finished basement with a bar, three-car garage, fireplace and jetted bathtub. 【Get Price】

21 Best Front Porch Flooring Options: Outdoor, Covered

Best Flooring Materials For A Screened Porch With its screen, the screened in porch has more flooring options since it won’t be experiencing the same level of exposure to the elements, and while moisture is still a concern, the concern is less, which is why we have included a couple of the flooring options that would generally not be 【Get Price】

Screened Porch Flooring Options for a Concrete Subfloor

While porches built on a concrete slab can handle wind, rain and sunlight, bare concrete is not very appealing, but there are more attractive options available for porch flooring that can be 【Get Price】

The Best Flooring for Porches Hunker

A porch provides opportunities to use flooring materials you normally wouldn't use in the house, and some are downright striking. Available options depend on the nature of the subfloor -- stone and tile work best on a concrete pad, while wood works best on wood joists. 【Get Price】

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10 homes you can buy for $5,000. Prev. 7 / 11. flooring or other updates. Find a good home inspector who can carefully examine the property from top to bottom, inside and out. best-selling 【Get Price】

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It features a fireplace, attic, one-car garage, screened porch, two-floor deck, an unfinished basement, hardwood flooring and an updated kitchen. Prev Next Share 【Get Price】

3 Best Flooring Options for Screened Porches

One of the most popular types of flooring for a screened porch is indoor/outdoor carpeting. Indoor/outdoor carpets are soft and absorb noise. Indoor/outdoor carpets are soft and absorb noise. They are short and compact, and they come in a variety of styles and patterns. 【Get Price】

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New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo courtesy of Zillow. It has a fenced-in backyard, front and back porches, marble countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, exposed brick and a laundry room. 【Get Price】

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Porch flooring options And BEAUTIFULLY. Having my screened porch built is the best thing I’ve ever done, (to my house), and I can’t say enough good things about the Porch Company. I just wonder where they find such talented, sweet people to work for them. I mean, I know they’re out there of course, but they seem to have a corner on 【Get Price】